About Us

An infant’s birth is an amazing, miraculous event. A family’s life can be turned upside down by something going wrong, and the pain can be unimaginable. Those dreams you had for your child can disappear in an instant when a preventable mistake results in an injury. Similarly, paying bills and caring for your child may become overwhelming in an instant.

Our birth injury law firm ECCB BIRTH INJURY LAW FIRM focuses on helping parents fight for their child’s rights when they have been injured at birth. In the event that a medical professional makes a mistake that causes harm, we offer hope and compensation to the affected families.

It’s not uncommon for parents of disabled children to need a little assistance occasionally. We hope that ECCB BIRTH INJURY LAW FIRM will assist families by providing information about cerebral palsy, treatment options, and resources for finding doctors and lawyers.

In addition to connecting families with community organizations that offer emotional care and support, we assist them in connecting with other members of the community who understand their situation. In addition to providing information on cerebral palsy and the treatments available, we also help families find financial assistance for the additional costs incurred by raising children with cerebral palsy. If you would like help finding doctors or therapists near you, our support team can assist you.