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Modesto Orozco was born in Barcelona in 1962, obtained BS in Chemistry (1985), MS in Biochemistry (1988) and Ph.D. in Chemistry (1990) at the University of Barcelona. Assistant Professor (1989), Professor (1991) and Full Professor (2001) at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Barcelona. He was visiting professor at Yale University 1991-1993. Since 2004 he is Group Leader at the Institut for Research in Biomedicine, since 2005 Director of the Life Sciences Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, from 2006-2013 was the director of the Joint IRB-BSC Program on Computational Biology, and since 2014 director of the Joint BSC-CRG-IRB Program on Computational Biology. Director Integrative Research Nodes. IRB Barcelona. INTERESTS Our main interest is to understand living organisms by means of the basic rules of physics. We use then tools of theoretical physics and computational chemistry and biology to understand the basic principles of life. Areas were we are especially active include: i) mining of genomic information to link genotypic changes and pathologies for personalized medicine, ii) connection of physical properties of DNA with chromatin structure and genomic regulation, and iii) study of the dynamic of proteins and the mechanism of information transfer in macromolecules.

Simulation of DNA. from the atom to the chromatin

Monday, 7 September | 09:10 am (CEST)

DNA is the paradigm of a multiscale system, where sub-Angstrom details can affect the structure and the properties of a meter-long fiber. Such complex systems need to be tackled from multiphysics approaches, combining fine representation of specific details with an overall low-resolution picture of the entire chromatin. I will summarize recent advances from our work on the development of a continuum of methodologies, which starting from accurate physical models allowed us to claim until a full representation of chromatin.