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Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani is Head of Data Science at the Institute of Cancer Research. There she leads the Big Data efforts to tackle key problems in Cancer drug discovery and Cancer therapy.

Bissan led the development of integrative computational approaches to inform drug discovery that are now internationally adopted and provided to the community via the canSAR knowledgebase. She applies data science and machine learning approaches to the discovery of novel therapies and pharmacological and radiation to adapting and individualising therapy to patients.

Bissan has a B.Sc (Hons) in Molecular Biology from University College London, an M.Sc in Computer Science from Imperial College and a PhD in Computational Biology from Cambridge University.

Bissan has worked on drug discovery and personalised medicine both in academia and industry.

More than the sum of parts: Multidiciplinary big data in cancer therapy

Tuesday, 8 September | 11:20 am (CEST)

The past two decades have witnessed a revolution in the creation and use of large scale data from genomics to imaging. This has had a transformational impact on precision cancer therapy. But after the initial gains, we appear to be slowing down in terms of the clinical impact. In this talk I will discuss the wins and challenges in large cancer data. I will then exemplify how integrating these large multidisciplinary data is already helping power the next revolution in cancer drug discovery, and precision therapy. I will discuss the technical challenges in bringing disparate multidisciplinary data together, and illustrate successes in both preclinical cancer drug discovery as well as clinical research.